How can I start a request for my trip?

You can either fill out our form in the "Make your trip" section or send us an email with the information you think we need to know.

Is it mandatory to sign up in order to hire the service?

No, you can do it by sending an email. It is only mandatory if you do it filling out our form

Will I have benefits for signing up?

Of course, you can track all your orders and receive all the future offers and promotions if you want to.

How can I sign up?

You can create an account with us or access with your facebook account.

After making my request, what kind of information will I get?

We will send you an email with generic information about transportation, accomodation, activities, itineraries and a budget for it.

How can I purchase the info?

You will find a paypal button in the email message that leads you to the paypal website to complete a safe and trusty payment. If you have an account you will also be find the info and the paypal button under your 'My trips' section

What is PayPal?

Paypal is a fast and safe internet payment method. You will be able to pay either if you a paypal account or you do not.

Which payments method are supported?

You can pay with credit or debit card. If you have a paypal account you also will be able to use your paypal money.

Once I have paid, what information will I get?

Youl will receive all the detailed information about trasportation, accomodation, activities and itineraries. We will also include a dossier with information about visits, activities, restaurants and tips about your trip and a totally customized google map with all the locations you need to know

What happen If I do not like something about the plan?

You can contact us and we will look for alternatives with the required features.

What happen if a flight or a hotel included in your Routrip plan is not available or its price is higher?

We will help you and look for alternatives as similar to the original as possible

Does the Routrip fee include the bookings?

No, Routrip just handles and provides information about the trips